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Christian Collberg <c_collberg @ cs . aukuni . ac . nz> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Computer Science Department
University of Auckland
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Auckland, NZ
References on linking, modularity, (parallelizing) compilers and formal specification
abstraction, ada, ada9x, adele, ai, alberich, algebraic, algebraic specification, algebraic-specification, algorithm, algorithms, alphard, amoeba, animation, anna, assembler, attribute, attribute grammar, beta, blackboard, bliss, bnr-pascal, branch-prediction, c, c++, cedar, ceres, chill, classes, cleanroom, clu, cluster, coagulating optimization, coagulation, code generation, code-generation, code-gerneration, code_optimization, cohesion, communication, compiler, compilers, concurent, concurrency, concurrent pascal, coupling, cryptology, dag, data-partitioning, deadlock, delay-slot, denotational semantics, design, diana, distcomp, distprog, distributed-computing, distributed-systems, documentation, dynamic, editor, editors, education, eiffel, emerald, encapsulation, encryption, eng, environment, environments, ethics, euclid, expression, expression evaluation, expressions, extension, fiction, file systems, formal specification, fortran, functional, fuzz, garbage collection, generator, generic, global optimization, gnu, graph, graphs, gypsy, hardware, hiding, history, incremental, incremental-linking, information hiding, information-hiding, inheritance, inline, inlining, inspections, interface, interfaces, intermediate code, iteration, iterator, keywords, larch, library, lilith, linda, linear search, linker, linking, load balancing, load-balancing, loader, logic, loglan, maintenance, make, management, math, mc68000, memory allocation, mesa, metrics, milano-pascal, ml, model, modula, modula-2, modula-2+, modula-3, module, module selection, module type, modules, muss, navy a-7, ns32000, numerical analysis, numerics, oberon, oberon-2, obj, object oberon, object pascal, object-oriented, object-z, objects, oop, opaque type, operating systems, optimization, overloading, p-code, p4, packages, paradigms, paragon, paralellizing-compilers, parallel, parallelization, parallelizing-compilers, parcomp, partitioning, pascal, pcc, persistence, plankalkul, planning, polymorphism, portable, portal, posybl, procedure, profile, profiling, proglang, proglang; programming, programming, programming environment, programming environments, programming-language, protection, protel, prototyping, pvm, python, random digraph, rational, real-time, register allocation, reuse, risc, rpc, rtl, run-time, run-time-systems, russel, sather, scope, self, semantic, semantic analysis, semantics, separate compilation, simula, simulation, smalltalk, smart recompilation, sml, softeng, specification, specifications, statistics, style, superoptimizer, survey, tcgmsg, termination, testing, theory, topological sort, traces, tree, turing, turing plus, type, type guard, types, ucode, uw-pascal, validation, values, vax, vdm, verification, visibility, workstations, z, zed

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