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A bibliography on optimizing and parallelizing compilers

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A multitude of compiler researchers <roth @ cs . rice . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Department of Computer Science
Rice University
This bibliography file contains entries covering a wide range of topics on optimizing compiler technology. Topics include scalar optimizations, vectorization, parallelization, distributed-memory compilation, shared-memory compilation, MIMD/SIMD, and memory hierarchy optimizations.
Fortran, optimizing compilers, parallelizing compilers, MIMD/SIMD, software prefetching, loop transformations, parallel programming environments
Author Comments:
This file has been generated by students and researchers from the different compiler groups at Rice University. It has a rather long history and is continuously being updated with new entries. You may wish to periodically retrieve an updated copy. Questions or comments should be addressed to Gerald Roth (

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