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Nelson H. F. Beebe <beebe @ math . utah . edu> (email mangled to prevent spamming)
Center for Scientific Computing
University of Utah
Department of Mathematics, 322 INSCC
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090
This is a bibliography of publications in the journal Science of Computer Programming (CODEN SCPGD4, ISSN 0167-6423), originally published by North-Holland, later by Elsevier Science Publishers B.V..
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Author Comments:
Publication began with Volume 1, Number 1, in 1981. The journal appeared three times yearly through 1985, and since then, has appeared six times yearly, with two volumes per year.
The journal is unusual in that multiple numbered issues sometimes appear in a single physical issue, and volumes sometimes cross year boundaries.
Coverage should be complete, except possibly for one or two papers in each of Volumes 11 and 14, where there are page gaps of 13 and 15 respectively. The author will be grateful if any reader can clarify this.
The publisher has a World Wide Web site for the journal at
This bibliography was prepared by merging data from the TeX Users Group bibliography archive, the BibNet Project archive, the Compendex database, the OCLC Contents1st database, the huge Karlsruhe computer science bibliography archive, the MathSciNet database, and the journal Web pages.
Questionable values have been resolved by searches in the Zentrallblat fuer Mathematik database; the author's local library does not have this journal, so it has not been possible to check with original issues.

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