The Collection of
Computer Science Bibliographies

Mirror Sites for the Computer Science Bibliography Collection

Original site for the bibliographies:

Germany (University of Karlsruhe):

This is where the bibliography collection is maintained and the most recent version resides. This site also features the most versatile and powerful search interfaces.

Mirror sites:

The bibliography collection is mirrored at many sites around the world. Most mirror sites only mirror the data and do not offer any online searches.

Please note that mirror sites might offer different search interfaces than those at the main site, or they might use older versions of a search interface. You can read a short overview on the search interfaces.

The available access protocol and any possible search interface are indicated for each of the mirror sites in Europe, North America, Asia and the South Pacific:

United Kingdom (UK Mirror service)
Czech Republic (Masaryk University):
North America:
Canada (University of Manitoba):
  • FTP (way out-of-date!)
Canada (University of Toronto):
Japan (Parallel and HPC Application Software Exchange):
South Pacific:
Melbourne (Monash University):
New Zealand Digital Library (University of Waikato):
  • HTTP (with online search) (way out-of-date!)

Please use the site nearest to you.

If your site would like to become a mirror site then please read this.

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